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Toilet Slave Training Ep. 4

In the fourth eposodio the aspirant toilet slave of Mistress Giorgia Divina is again humiliated and degraded heavily.Today, the slave must wait for his mistress lying on the floor in the bathroom, naked of course.The Mistress arrives and is lowered with her pussy up to a few centimeters from the face of the slave that waits to be used as a toilet.Start abundant piss all over the face of the slave. The golden rain is so great and enters the slave nostrils up to go for the throat. Finished piss Mistress cleans and orders the slave to open his mouth to put in the used toilet paper, how should a real toilet.We continue humiliating the slave spat in his face, in the mouth, him and torturing her nipples, until he was not ordered to masturbate. The slave runs to show what this mistress loves to be his toilet slave and reaches orgasm. The slave is thus left on the ground with him piss, spit and his sperm.

Mistress Jade Part 2

Part 2 Mistress Jade, the Nurse

Fuck My Ass Vol. 2

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