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A Slave Filled With Shit And Piss! Part 2

Here you can see the second part, from the full movie: A slave filled with shit and piss! Extreme FemDom with Luciana and Rosella! Here in the second part, Lady Luciana and I have placed the slave on a slave bank. Since I had to shit and to pee again, and I pissed and shit the slave again full. And I fed the slave with my shit. Since I had to shit a long time before, I had put a butt plug in my ass and pulled this out of my ass! The analpug was so full of shit. So the slave had to suck the butt plug clean too!

Dirty Carla 2

Carla takes a nice long shit. After shitting, she sticks a dildo in her ass to make it dirty, then deep throats and gags on her dirty dildo. She talks throughout video.

Scat Slave

I shit and my master made me eat my shit, he shit in my mouth and I clean his dirty ass hole with my tongue.

Blowin Up Best Buy

I finally made my first public restroom clip. I was on a road trip and I had eaten a huge breakfast and I had to shit so bad that I decided to blow up the bathroom at Best Buy. You get to see me using the toilet and also head pissing and flushing from the other women in other stalls. Of course you get a good look at my dirty brown paper too before I flush it away. Enjoy!