Big Brother Fart

Real Scat Breakfast

What about breakfast for two? Look here, I prepared a glass of morning urine (an unforgettable taste and aroma, exactly what I love) and I also shit a HUGE plate of my sweet shit (it is really sweet, since I ate a lot of sweets on these holidays) and I can add some of mine to you saliva, I know bitch, you love when I spit on your breakfast) Fragrant ass, and a unique show with smearing shit on the face comes in a breakfast!) lol! so what? Do you accept my treat?

Madame Du B’s Killer Sludge Iphone

Scat goddess Madame Du B drops off her killer chocolate sludge out of that beautiful booty of hers in 3 clips of pure heaven. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed. You will see more from this goddess

Rainbow Tights Huge Load

Goddess is pooping in hot tights huge shit,peeing naughty,teasing you topless,cumming hot!

Mizuki Dine And Dump 2

This time an amazing poop while standing. (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)