Big Fat Asses Scating

Diarrhea Explosion – Mp4

Even a sadistic mistress can have a compelling need to poop. So, Mistress Melissa, just arrived at home, makes her needs: a torrent of diarrhea and farts. Unfortunately the toilet bowl becomes dirty of brown diarrhea… now she needs an obedient slave to clean up all with his tongue. Are you the lucky cleaner slave?

Bathtub’s Peeing

128.5 If you want to see the end of this video 128 during more than 2 hours (here the last 7 minutes) look this clip. What is better than a long shower into my bathtub with my pee? And drinking it? MP4. My best slave will come back to me soon for a long 24/7 and we will do other videos!

Monster Panty Poop!

I’ve been holding my poo for 3 days and finally get to let it all out! In my panties!!! Watch me shit a big load in my cute panties and smear it all over my ass! So damn hot!!!