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The British Scat Party

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Extreme Shit Sausage Dick And 25 Cm Long

I had something like poop urgently, pants down and then came a blatant shit sausage!! My asshole had to really mega stretch….would you get crapped in the mouth they like?

Mistress Gaia – Encourages You To Cum

Mistress Gaia is presented to you as an angel, sweet and seductive: turns to you, who are in Her presence, inviting you to masturbate at the glance of her perfect body. When you will have worshiped your Goddess, She will offer you the gift of Her divine shit and you will have to concentrate yourselves on it, forgetting everything around you…

The Ladies Toilet

One of our slave victims was late, so we used one of the toilets in thehouse. But in there we found a guy besides the urinal, who supposed tobe a ladies-toilet! So we used him. :-)He did not know, what he had to expect – he did not only get pee from us- no – he also must lick up all from the ground and suck the rest out ofa bread, we put into the pee.Meanwhile he received a nice trampling from us.I think, he will remember us for a long while!