Big Plate Shit Bowl

Second Step Toilet Slavery

My slavegirl learned the taste of my shit. It’s time to learn to eat it. The second lesson of toilet slavery – If the slavegirl does not want or can not eat shit, it is necessary to push it deeper into the throat. Chokes but swallows, starts to eat, my shit. Yes. My method works

Golden Shower And Spitting Slave

I am relaxing comfortably with my Girls Miss Cherie and Miss Jane, while our slave serves as footstool and table. Sometime we get the snot and we work our living piece of furniture to a spittoon. All spit incessantly in his mouth, until Miss Cherie also has to piss. Practically as a slave, of course she does not need an extra run to the toilet, she simply uses his mouth as a toilet. And again went a nice evening with the girls to an end, let’s see who we pick as the next from the slave staples *smile*.

Danni’s Shitty White Panties

Danni does a huge shit in her little white panties. Her panties are so over loaded that shit falls out on to the floor.Danni’s pussy is dripping wet as she masturbates in her smelly mess thinking of you watching her!