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Broken Toilet 28 – Fill That Mouth

It never stops to amaze me how people can think telling someone “I Love you” is enough. You should SHOW your wife how much you really love her and that YOU are a REAL man! Enter the “SWIM” program of House Tempest! No, it’s not actual swimming haha. It stands for “Superior.Women.Inferior.Men”If you are spending your life with the woman you love dearly you should show her how much you love her, not just tell her. This is what Walter wants to do and he comes to me for help. I teach Walter that if you make her feel like the most special person on the planet then you are truly the best husband in the world. But it takes work, you need to show her your love by following every single order she gives you and by doing certain tasks including being a toilet for her.I start Walter off easy by having him stand naked on his knees in front of me as I explain how this program & training works. I then send him on his way to my laundry room to go do my laundry. But as you already guessed by now doing laundry for me is a little different. I explained to Walter that my socks and my panties have been worn almost a week by my so washing machines struggle to remove such nasty odors and stains. As his “pretend wife” I ask him to do a “pre-wash” cycle on those items with his mouth! It’s important to show your wife you love EVERYTHING about her & her body. Not just the good but the “bad” as well.Walter must do the laundry on his knees naked and I watch him on the two hidden cameras in the kitchen which are connected to my phone. In the beginning a laugh sadistically as I watch him struggle with my very smelly socks. Sucking those clean while it smells like a cheese factory gives me delight indeed.But then it happened. As Walter sucked the smelly armpit sweat stains from my top it was becoming slightly more arousing. From there he shows the brown “skid-mark” stain left by my shithole on my white panties in full view of the second full color camera. As a woman it made me feel extra special watching his discomfort sniffing hard and deep on my brownish shithole stains. I’m getting so turned on that I play with my breasts in full view for you while watching him do this.Walter then do what any REAL MAN will do. He pushes my panties into his mouth with that brown stain left by my shithole going in first. I give into my body’s arousing desire and start to masturbate while watching him suck on the stained piece of fabric that I know has been in direct contact with my smelly shithole for several days. As I watch him I moan and breathe loudly in pure pleasure of masturbation watching his facial expressions, sucking on my panties as the taste and odors of my shithole runs through his mouth like wildfire!Then Walter does something more amazing, wanting to impress me. He starts licking my tile floor clean. Coming home from work after a long day I always enjoy taking off my shoes & socks and walk barefoot over the cold tiles with my hot and sweaty feet. My foot sweat leaves stains and Walter decide to use his tongue and lick it clean from the tiles. This is too much for me and while I continue to watch this & masturbate my hips start to thrust in pure ripples of orgasmic contraction pleasure! Watching a man literally worshipping and licking the tiles you would with your sweaty feet on while you orgasm is an amazing experience that leave me at a loss for words.If all wives can learn to let their husbands worship them by such erotic manners marriages would be much stronger & happier and the divorce rates will reach record low levels. Now there’s just one more thing to learn for Walter. Being a good toilet for his lovely wife. As I sit in comfort with each one of my buttocks on soft armrests I take a tick & creamy shit right into Walter’s open mouth under me. Nothing can make a woman feel more special than feeling her creamy turds curl out of her shithole into her loving husband’s open mouth. Filling that mouth completely.As I finished shitting and relaxing a few seconds to catch my breath I feel cramping and the urge to push again. You can see my asshole opening wide and see the nasty shit smears visible inside as a little more nasty & soft shit slowly make it’s way out of my rectum. Walter learns that a real good husband waits patiently while enduring the horrible taste of her shit so she can finish in her own time in extreme comfort.As I finally finished shitting I feel light and relieved but more importantly, I feel loved as a woman in a very special way that very few women experience. Walter is a REAL MAN becoming the very best husband for his wife, are you?

Mistress Anna -bottomfeeder

BOTTOM FEEDERJust because a slave is an obedient toilet does not mean it doesn’t need to be punished and whipped regularly. The fact of being punished simply because I enjoy hurting it makes the slave realize its sub-human status and shows its fundamental lack of worth.This video begins with my slave in perfect whipping position. The camera is behind my ass so you slaves masturbating at home can see my beautiful ass and perfectly toned legs as they twist and turn to power my whip. My long brown hair drapes over my sinuous shoulders as I switch between crop and cat-o-nine tails.I make the slave acknowledge the fact that it is a toilet continually and tell me how much it loves being my toilet.There are some shots up at me from between the slave’s legs so you can see the beautiful smile that the slave’s suffering brings to my face.After making the slave beg to be my toilet, I release it from bondage. It immediate drops to its hands and knees: training pays off. As it gratefully kisses my feet I enjoy hitting its ass some more and smile.I then order the slave to set up the toilet seat. Amazingly, it forgets to thank me and I have to prompt it “Thank you Mistress Anna?”, which the slave hurriedly echoes. Of course, I crop its balls anyway.The slave has a new mask made of its own underwear. I thought this was better than the leather mask because it is more humiliating and it feels more pain when i slap it.As usual, I generously grant the slave the privilege of worshiping my ass and lubricating my sacred asshole for a while. You get to see this from many angles, interspersed with many shots of my facial expressions.The delivery today is soft and creamy and the slave dutifully licks the shit out of my ass until its mouth is full. This portion is seen from every camera in its entirety so that losers masturbating at home can fully imagine what it would be like to be blessed with my shit.I have the slave spit the shit out temporarily so it can clean my ass. This time it is unusually messy so you get to see the slave do some real cleaning of the shit that has clung to my ass checks.Finally, I make the slave get on its hands and knees to lick up my shit as I punish it with my whip

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Girls Uses Man

Underground Toilet Slave Part 8

This Movie was the first real cruel Movie we made. It smelled so bad and the Slave was dizzy after the 4th Girl and wanted out, but since he was tied up underneath and our Weight kept him in Place, I just kicked him in the Face and told him: ‘Shut up, You will finish this fucking Movie!’ After the Movie, he said, never again. But he is still here Part 8 with Diana. English Subtitles