Big Volume Pisses

Hot Blonde With Big Butt Spreads Her Cheeks For Me

Ok so Im back at it again…This time I convinced a secretary in the same building as me to do some freaky shit. Shes a hot blonde with the biggest hottest fucking ass youve ever seen its like perfect in her clothes and wow was it perfect without! She wouldnt agree to what I wanted exactly at first so she agreed to after some time taking a big shit and then not wiping her ass and letting me lick her dirty asshole and canal clean…however I ended up getting a bit of a surprise and she kept actually pushing little pieces of shit into my mouth the entire time i was eating her ass…it tasted soooooo good. So shes no longer nervous after that pleasant surprise she wasnt even anticipating either and has agreed to push a fat log into my mouth and down my throat next week so stay tuned! She said she actually really enjoyed doing it and she cant wait!

Inori Temperature Poop 2

More pooping and anal temperature readings.

Training My 2 Toilet Slave – Part 4 Movie

Part 4 movie? Suddenly I feel more farts coming so I squatted?. But ooops my shit is coming out, so much delight in my toilet boys face as they see my ass hole stretch they got so excited! Now I’m having a shit but wait, I want my slave to lick my ass first.. then I continue to push out my brownies for my slave.

Voyeurism At Its Best

Hidden cameras installed and this unsuspecting visitor doesn?t fail to disappoint. She delivers a wonderful log of scat. While hiding I felt like jumping out and gobbling her shit up into my mouth. It was both heaven and torture to see this shit delivered. On one hand, i loved to see the delivery. But on the other hand I just wanted to gobble it up!