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New!princess Mia

Scat Smearing Licking Ass

Toilet Time 2

It’s time for me to take a shit again, just for you! This was a great one since there are quite a bit of farting as well. It’s was a big and creamy load. See the constant, steady flow of soft creamy shit sliding out of my sexy ass with my wet vagina in full view for you. You can even see my white girly juice as I get aroused from this (I love shitting for you) I also start peeing at the end. I included a short “slow motion” part for your enjoyment so you don’t miss any of the great shitting detail. Quite a big and smelly load in this one.Please take note:My Toilet Time Series clips will ALWAYS be affordable (2.99 or lower) EXCLUSIVE to to ensure everyone can afford to enjoy clips of women shitting.I don’t use a regular toilet often (that’s what my slave’s mouth is for) but for you who thought I forgot how to use a regular toilet these clips are a must see 🙂

Bad Toilet – Humiliated Second Cam

I am in the mood, and I need to shit! So I tell my slave to get behind my ass and take what comes out. After peeing the logs start to come out, but my toilet misses too much! It falls to the floor, and I am not too happy about this. He is also struggling with eating my shit! What a shame, this is the only thing I allow him to eat! So he should feel privileged by being served this delicious meal by his Goddess! But as a punishment I tell him to put the shit that he missed in his mouth. I tell him to go out on the porch, and stay there with his mouth open so everyone can see what a disgusting toilet he is! I just close the door and leave him there!

Bitchy Babes Take Revenge, Makes Playboy Eat Shit! – Part 1

He swears he’ll never do it again but they are having none of it. She smothers his face with her ass then makes him drink her pee.