Bisex Mmf Eat Shit

Nipple Torture For My Toilet

My toilet eats my shit meanwhile gladly, as it falls from my ass he devours everything fast and cleanly. But nothing is free in this world, first the livestock is beautifully decorated. He may wear painful slave jewelry, I stab him two large hooks through his nipples and hang weights on it. Only now he may push his skull under my ass to saturate himself with my shit and piss. What goes wrong is sucked from the ground while I drive him with the whip *Smile*.

Mistress Roberta – 3 Days Breakfast Day 1 Pov

Today i have decided to do a compilation of 3 days breakfast for my toilet slave and give him all the morning shit and pee to eat .Bon apetit!

Fresh Shit For French Slave 02

After a litlle suplemon de caviar and aparitif from domi cat the franch slave recives finally a big big loed from kimi cat!bon Apettit!


Oxana is running hot diareeah in sexy linen hose!