Bitch Drinkin Piss

Daring Pissing At The North Sea Beach!

I stayed for a few days on the North Sea Coast and I am of course went to the public textile beach. As I lay there, I had to pee. So I am, in spite of other beach goers, stripped naked and I simply standing up, and peed in the sand! Wanted me not, pissed my clothes full! People might have watched, I do not care!

A Workerslave Has To Swallow Spittle And Pee

Miss Jane and Sweetbaby want to have fun on the field. They call one of the new workerslaves and Sweet Baby rides on his back, then both spit into his face. His naked body is used by the two girls as a carpet for their spiky high heel boots and as Miss Jane pees the slavepig is her toilet.

Piss And Shit

Grown woman writes with bloated pomp and pooping