Bitch Shits On Guys Mouth

Alice’s Filthy Madness – Part 4

I am filthy, mad girl which insanely loves all kind of rotten sex.And this day was not exception, I didn’t go to toilet for several days and asked my boy to make the same thing and also to get some stored shitfor making one of our lovely scat sessions. He shitted, I shitted, we have smeared saved shit and fucked..He was very gentle. while treating my anal hole, I was very gently which treating his month with my shitty feet..Speaking the long story – short – we were very gentle to each other that day. Especially when I stuffed my mouth and pussy with shitand made filthy things, especially when he fucked me like an animal.More than two hours. Shit is flying everywhere.With Love.Alice and AstraCelestial team.

Kv And Ns Savings Clip, With Contessa And Rosella! No.4

Here you can see only the hot scenes, where Contessa Calucci and I, a slave, extremely shit in the mouth, spitting in the Mouth, as well as piss in his Mouth, from the 23 minute full movie: Shit Nightmare for a new slave. 2 ladies shit in his mouth,! Complete eating and brushing teeth, with our shit!

No Need For Talking Part 4

Part 4 of the Movie ‘No Need for talking with Nataly’ .Here the Slave is already set up as Toilet with a Mouth Opener in Place comfortable for the Girls to use. The Girl just opens his Mouth with the Switch tied to his Arm, poops into him and after finishing she sits down on the Chair next to it and keeps her Shoe on his Mouth until he swallowed all and leaves. Movie has english Subtitles