Bizarre Piss Fuck

The Best!mia And Toilet Slavery

1.Princess Mia decided to play with her “toilet” againMia is the most beautiful model of our studio. She is fond of humilating men and loves turning them into her slaves. Mia strangles the slave by her ass. Mia plentifully pisses and shits into the slave’s mouth. Lady sits down on the slave’s face and strangles the loser. She fidgets with her ass on his face.She spits in his face and records everything on the video camera.2.Smearing,suffocation, strangulation, choke, spitting,3.She ordered the pig to lie on the bed, blasted him whole hearted, laughed, spat into the face of this loser, while the slave resisted and tried to hide, but no, Mia really wanted to teach this worm. Then she began to choke him with her soft and elastic booty, sat on his face, laughed at him. Then she shitted in the face of a slave and laughed. And then she sat on his chest, spat, shot on the camera and smeared all her shit in the face of the stinking worm.4.The best!Mia and Toilet SlaveryScat Piss Smearing Facesitting

Friend Showered With Piss!

In this situation, this man is busy fixing his stuff since he is moving in with his friends, however, the ladies are not happy with it! So when they came home and found him doing this, they immediately punish him! The first thing they make him do is strip off his clothes! When he is left with only his underwear, they lay him on the floor and then stomp all over his body! Suffering, he tries to escape, but the ladies are fist to pin him down on the ground! Eventually, they lay him down on his back again. Shortly after, they take turns urinating on his face! When they couldn’t release anymore, they proceed to stomp all over his body for the last time, only stopping when they render him knocked out!

Mistress Anna – Electric Torture Scat

I am just coming back from the gym, and I am sooo sweaty. I’ve ordered my toilet slave to sniff my stinky slippers while I’m gone, but now I have something fresh for it. My socks are really wet from all the work I’ve put in training. My body is always perfect. Looking at them makes all my slaves weak, I know that. I make the slave sniff them and kiss my perfect feet. It doesn’t matter what the condition of my feet is, my slave must always show them love. But that’s not the only part of me that needs attention. I put an electric device around its cock and nipples, and then order an ass sniffing (I also fart in its face lol). My toilet slave is very, very lucky… I am even feeding it when it’s hungry, never mind the electro torture. It has learned to accept the pain as part of being used by me. The human toilet lubricates my perfect ass, and I a prepared to give it the best meal in its life- MY shit and MY sweat combined! I am a kind Goddess, I even help it with the consuming of my waste…with the electricity directed at its balls. I sealed my ass to his lips and there is no space for him to run. He has to take it all and I will make him eat it.

Hi! My Name Is Lilith! Part 1

Hello, my name is Lilith, and this is my first video. Due to the lack of experience I am not able to make goog presentations, screenshots, but this video is good, trust my on this one.I penetrate my ass, I make shit on my parthner, than he makes on my face, than he pisses in my month, than we fuck, than I smear my pussy inside and outside that smear me and masturbate while he pisses on me again, that we fuck and i cum hard.Video is more than 40 minutes and I have separated it in two parts.