Black Afro Sits On White Man To Pee

Mistress Kennya And Master Jason Funnel Peeing

Today Mistress Kennya feeling great with Master Jason. They love to have slaves at disposal and they are into full humiliation with them. They record today many movies with humiliation, smoking and toilet slavery action. They relaxed and smoke a cigarette. Slave was blocked to move and they use him in any way possible. At the end because the slave was so thirsty, they both pissing in his mouth…. using a funnel

Piss Enema Into The Slave Mouth

The slave girl must be cleaned once again her asshole thoroughly. Therefore, she gets a speculum stuck in the ass and my friend Rosella and I piss the sow one after another in her beautiful tight asshole. The effect is not long in coming and it begins to rumble in her intestines, so that she has to go to the toilet. This is already ready in the form of a slave. Far he opens his mouth and receives greedy the mixture of the piss of the mistresses and the shit of the slave girl. Of course, the slave has to devour remnants that have gone wrong. A divine meal.

Pantypiss In Front Of My School

I have visit my old school. Oh good old times… Shitty teacher and permanent this fucking homework. This must give a revenge I think! So I sit down on the stairs, lift up my skirt and piss in my pink panty… and smirch the school 😀

Mistress Prepare A New Meal For Slave

Mistress cannot call the slave today and she wanna use the meal later. She prepare slave meal pissing in a cup and filling a big plate with Sousage Diarrhea. Perfect meal for her slave for later .. . .