Black Boys Shitting

Japanese Femdom Scat 7.

Some very sexy and perverted Japanese Females using there male slaves as toilets !! This clip has two sexy and young Japanese Mistress dressed as schoolgirls with a male toilet slave. who they badly abuse, giving the masochist slave brutal beating, badly degrading the slave, before taking turns pissing and shitting huge turds into there toilet slaves mouth, and then make the pathetic slave to eat up all there piles of shit while being whipped over and over again !!Very intense clip !!

My Shit Is Your Reward!

I think you have done a good job my slave! The house is clean, so you deserve a little reward. I know you desire my precious champagne, so get under me and get ready to drink every precious little drop that comes out of my beautiful pussy! This is your desired reward for a job well done! But I have more for you! You need to eat to, so get ready to eat my shit little worm. This is your meal today, because I expect you to do more work! To work well you need to eat, and my shot is full of energy for you! So eat all my gifts my little toilet!

Scat Scat Scat

This is a video of me (lustymaylasia) putting poop in my mouth mixing it with spit to make the poop softthen i smear it all over my face spit in the poop filled bowl then put more on my face to make a thick mask of smeared poopull love seeing it step by step AS i Demand You to lick it off!