Black Chick Ttaking Poop

Boarding School Lunch Break! – Part 2

As if smearing shit on each other ain’t enough, these chicks have to put puking in the equation! They shove their fingers in their throats to produce as much puke as possible and they smear the disgusting liquid on each other’s shit-smeared bodies!

Pissing On Her Tits

Pissing on her tits (JJ000753)

Toilet Slave Training Pov

I know you dream of being a toilet slave, why else would you be here, perving at all My scat clips? Every time you jerk off it’s thinking about eating My shit. It’s a bout time you took the plunge and became a real life toilet slave, don’t you think? Enough fantasising. Here you are, in My space, ready to submit. I am diyng for a shit and I’m going to use you as My toilet. First I make you worship My beautiful round arse, kissing My cheeks delicately. Then I slowly spread My cheeks to reveal My hairy sweaty crack and My swollen asshole. I make you lick it and worship it, gently relaxing it. I talk you through the whole process because I know you are nervous. All toilet slaves are nervous on their first time. I then sit down on My throne and make you lie underneath so you can watch My big fat shit push its way out, stretching My asshole in the process. It’s so hard that it plops when it hits the floor. I remove the chair and get down on the floor with you, coaxing you to eat My shit, little piece by little piece before making you jerk off with what’s left.Come on this journey with Me… Become My toilet slave forever…

This Time New Friend Tatianna Want To Poop Too

Tatianna made a video with lot of piss and poop for promoting her poop store on