Black Ebony Piss And Beer

Lady Aria Compilation!!

Enjoy this Classic Collection of clips from one of my Original Favorites!! Lady Aria will always hold a special place in my heart. Introduced to me by the great Ms D, she and Melissa (still one of the 5 best asses you ever seen on this site!) helped elevate my site to the next level. From them came the FUNKY empire you have come to know and love! Enjoy this 20 plus minutes of Peeing, Grunting, plopping, straining, and farting!! I always loved her juicy brown ass and her sexy grunting and straining as she went. Five years later these clips still make me hard like it’s the first time!! She may be old to my day ones but new to many of you!! Enjoy this FUNKY collection at a new low price as well!

Human Slave Drenched In Piss! – Part 1

The man is bent over on the floor and then gets ride on like an animal! He is then made to move around, causing him to experience gradually worsening pain on his back and knees! Because of the agony, he later moves slower, causing the lady to become unsatisfied! So she gets off of him and then dominates him with her feet by stomping and kicking him on his body! Shortly after, she sits down on a chair and then orders the human slave to orally pleasure her! What he does is, at first devour her toes, and then drag his tongue all over her chest! When she gets satisfied, she suddenly throws him on the floor and then pins him down with her feet! Then, without warning, she lays him on his back and then sits on his face!

Scatqueens Party 5_1 Part2

At the second Part of the party there are furthermore only short breaks for the Human Toilet and he has to prove hisself as a supertoilet. There is no time to spare him, some Ladies try to press out something brown a second time. We`ll see what comes.In any case the Toilet has not only to deal with devine caviar. Just have a look at the pictures what will initiate.

Pregnant Thick Sausage Shitting In Maternity Dress

Again a really fat sausage I press out. Habs no longer managed to pull out my maternity dress, because the sausage so fucked squeezed