Black Ebony Shit Piss

Explosive Fart Poop

*In this video a powerful fart pushes out a log of shit with such velocity it flies across the room!* I am wearing a tight, short blue dress and sitting on the toilet. I tell you about my last shit (a good one!) and what I last ate. Then I get up, turn around, pull up my dress and show off my bare ass (yes, i’m going commando). A couple of airy farts come out, followed by a couple of very loud, powerful ones which make the head of my first log of shit start to appear. You can see it just peeking out. I groundhog/prairie dog/turtle for a bit before eventually letting all my shit come out, talking as I shit (about how good my last few shits have felt) so that you can hear the effect the straining has on my voice, hear me grunting. Then I show the shit off to you where it landed on the floor. I show off my asshole, then mention that I thought I had a little fever this morning so I just want to check … rectally of course! I take my temperature and show off the dirty tip of the thermometer. Then, I do a couple of loud powerful farts again and the last powerful fart I do pushes out a small log with such speed that instead of falling downwards to the floor, it flies outwards and lands on my laptop! I replay the shit flying out a couple of times in slow motion so you can see and hear it in detail because it happened so quickly in real time. I show the little log sitting on my keyboard. I giggle and talk about what just happened, clearly shocked. This has never happened to me before!

The Story Of Sarah And Sabina

2 wonderful young lesbian girls in full scat eating action!!!

Morning Pee Time Ipad 720p

Petite college girl Bobbi wakes up and takes a morning pee for you. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats, and now Ipad 720p HD