Black Girels Pooping

Swallow My Shit You Victim

Lady Domi shits a fat bunch directly into her slaves face. His mouth is already full, but there still lies a fat heap above, Domi has really emptied over him and tells the slave to eat faster so that it does not stink even longer. She stuffs it all into his mouth and pisses onto it also. The slave is treated like dirt, he is just a living toilet for Domi.

Shitting A Very Thick And Soft Sausage

What a shit!! He must going out on my Rosette…..a very very long,thick and soft sausage comes out and he comes more thin shit!! Wow,a so very big portion of shit and my asshole is so smeary…..want you see my big shit? A big sausage and too much soft and thin shit on the floor!! Can you eat this big shit and lick the thin shit from the floor? Come on Slave,make my happy!!

Too Much Shit On The Roof Part 4

This Time, we tried something different. After this Guy cleaned our Feet, we dragged him up on the Roof to avoid the Shit Smell inside the House. And as always, he try to strike and resist but some insisting Moves made him obey and be the Shiteater again. His Destiny… Part 4 Merica English Subtitles

Hard Sausage, Pregnant Shitting Lying

I lie down in front of you on the back and press you against a thick, hard sausage 😉