Black Girl Eats Poop

Extreme Femdom Scat 1.

Sexy & Perverted Mistress Amy, uses her two male slaves as her toilet, the pigs are made to drink her piss, eat her loads of shit, Humiliated and Degraded, to suck shit off each others cocks, covered and smeared in shit, and made to eat it !!Extreme & Depraved action !!

Creamy Shit

I have to shit full urgently so I take my camera put her very close to me and shit off for you

Your Dirty Secretary

Since Sophie began working for you a couple of weeks ago, you’ve been less than impressed with her performance. In fact the only thing that’s kept her her job, is how sexy she looks when she arrives every day and how cute her butt looks in her tight little skirt as she walks in and out of your office. Deciding that she can’t get much wrong in just taking notes, you have her sit the other side of her desk, helping to prepare a paper. As usual Sophies mind seems on anything but the task in hand, and she wriggles and fidgits around in the chair. She keeps looking up at you, as though she’s about to say something and then deciding against it. After watching her looking more and more uncomfortable, she looks up from her notes, and asks you if she can use the bathroom quickly. You tell her no, and how she only had a break just ten minutes ago. The wriggling and squirming continues. Your enjoying this!Suddenly a very strong smell of poop fills the air. You ask Sophie if she can smell this nasty smell, blushing she tells you that she can. Her face is getting redder by the second and you start to wonder if she’s … no surely not … She couldn’t possibly have!She continues to wriggle and squirm in her chair, and this smell has now totally filled the room and is getting stronger. Your thoughts thoughts are then confirmed when Sophie looks at you with a face as though she’s about to cry and tells you that she’s had an accident!You ask her what she means, and looking more embarrised than you’ve ever seen anyone looking, she tells you that she’s pooped her panties!Even though you had your suspisions you look at her in total shock. Seeing this look on your face Sophie begins to beg you not to fire her. You tell her to stand up and turn around. You want to see for yourself what she’s done!Sophie stands up and turns around, pulling her tight skirt up around her waist. Her panties are full of a big smelly load of poop! You can’t believe this is happening! Your cock begins to stiffen inside your pants at the view of this sexy girl stood in front of you with her panties panties filled with a big messy load. Sophie is still begging to keep her job, and you have no intentions of it being any other way. You plan to take full advantage of this situation. She carries on begging and telling you how she can’t believe this has happened and how embarrised she is. When she tells you she’ll do anything to keep her job, you know you’ve hit the jack pot!You tell Sophie how you want to watch her play with herself inside her messy panties, how you want to watch her wriggle around in all that smelly mess, and how you want to watch her cum!She looks a little shocked but quickly agrees! Moving over to your couch, she lays a towel down on top it it, then slowly lowers her messy bottom down, letting the poop spread further up the back of her panties. Sophie notices how your cock is so hard it’s making your pants poke out, and realizes how much she’s turning you on. Getting on to her hands and knees she pushes her dirty ass out at you and tells you to come closer. You move forward, the smell coming from her dirty ass is strong and you feel as though your about to cum in your pants!’Look at my panties’ Sophie tells you ‘Look at my big, dirty, messy load!’Turning back on the couch, Sophie opens her legs wide and starts massaging her tits through her tight shirt. ‘look at your hard cock. It so big and hard it looks like it could just rip though your pants! How much would you like to come over my dirty smelly ass?’Smiling at you sexily, Sophie begins un buttoning her shirt. As she slips it off and removes her bra, she begins teasing you. ‘You’d do anything to touch me wouldn’t you? Running your hands all over my messy panties? … What do I want for it?’ Sophie grins ‘I want a pay rise. You give me a pay rise and I’ll play dirty games with you when ever you like! I’ll make you come all over my messy panties!’You agree faster than you’ve agreed to anything in your life! Sophie tells you to take your pants off and start rubbing your hard cock as you watch her. ‘Stroke your cock. Stroke your hard cock up and down while you watch me touch myself!’Sophie leans back and begins to masturbate. Your cock is all slippery from pre cum already as you slide your hand up and down, watching her get messier and more excited as she continues to play with herself. Putting her messy ass just inches from your face, she squishes the poop even further through them and begins to spank her naughty butt. You can’t take much more, you’ve never been this excited in your entire life and your cock is throbbing!Sophie’s pussy is dripping and she knows she’s going to cum soon. Rubbing her pussy harder and faster she pumps her ass up and down. ‘Cum all over my dirty ass’ She tells you ‘Rub your cock faster up and down, cum for me!’Her breathing gets heavier as she tells you how close she is to cumming.’Cum now! Cum all over my dirty, messy ass’ Sophie pants to you as a huge orgasm waves over her entire body! Seeing this pushes you over the edge and you shoot out load after load of hot creamy cum all over her messy panties!’Did you enjoy that?’ Sophie asks after getting her breath back ‘You must have, your cock exploded all over me! … Mmmmmm it felt so good for me too!’After slipping her shirt back on, Sophie gives you a final look at her messy panties. Pulling them down at the back and showing you her dirty, poop covered bottom!

Shit And Piss In The Sun

Princess Nikki enjoys the sun speaks with her friend at the phone, the slave is laying under her and she piss and shit in his mouth!