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Mistress Roberta – Getting Messy Pooping In Bed-pov

Today i am going to get very messy because i decide to make your breakfast in bed and being lazy in this morning i will get messy when i poop an huge amount of shit and i pee after so i get all soaked with and all smeared with the soft creamy but delicious and smelly shit so you will have to lick clean also the pee also the shit is on my ass cheeks so enjoy because only after i am clean you can eat the remainings.

Digging For Chocolate Treasure

This chocolate cutie is back for more chocolate treats.

I Have To Pee Now!

Amber is a shy redhead girl and she really needs to pee! She enters the bathroom and starts to take off her clothes very soon. Then she sits down on the toilet bowl and let the pee flow out of her pussy. There lands some pee right into the bowl but a lot of pee also lands on the toilet seat. There is only one thing to do now: Come and lick the pee away! Make the toilet seat clean again, just with your tongue! While you do so Amber starts to play with her pussy and enjoys the power her pee has over you…!