Black Girl Pooping On Toilet

Nice Girl Shits For You

My first video (… and it will not be the last!)The scene takes place in my bathroom while I’m ready to flood him of delicious shit… I know you’re dying to!Let yourself be guided buy my voice… yes, it’s really all for

Katherine’s Reverse Kanga Explosion

Katherine is a Certified PAWG – that is a Phat Ass White Girl for those that are unhip, lol. Enjoy as she puts in reverse in these two clips and drops a nice funky load Reverse Kanga Style! For those that never read the urban dictionary, that’s when somebody takes a shit sitting backwards on the toilet so you can leave a mark. Boy does she leave her mark in this one! I just love how her turds come out so raw and funky!!

Piss Swallow -mary Ann-gabyka-agnes-marta-petra-jil-cecilia

Great Peemovie with lot of pee on each other and real good acteurs.