Black Girl Shitting And Eatin Shit

Lil Stink’s Quick And Clean Return!!

Another of my favorite, now rarely seen Booties is back in the mix this month!! Lil Stink just popped in with two quickies!! A nice treat for old fans and a reintroduction for those that missed out!! Enjoy these two upclose straight from the Browneye express quickies for one low low price!! Hopefully she will make even more (lord knows I’ve been pushing her) but it’s a nice treat from one of the ORIGINAL Funky Ladies and one of my all-time top sellers


Huge shitting with wide sexy hole,panty messy dirty!

Scat Ice Cream

Watch me take a big shit and spread whipped cream all over it to make you a yummy ice cream dessert! So sexy!!!

Eat My Shit You Little Fuckers

It’s the mistress again, Mistress Raw Desires that is! You nasty fucks you haven?t been doing what your told, eating this shit, and for that I?m going to stick this heel in your face and your going to lick the shit clean so come watch me in my sexy lace and lick this golden waterfall of piss. It just flow for you nasty bastards so get a straw and suck it up. Pull out a mirror, look in it and imagine I’m looking back at you. NOW, slap yourself as hard as you can and come and get this shit. Send Your Request