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Oxana’s Back In The Mix!!

Oxana!! Oh how I have missed her!! One of my favorite Latina hotties has returned back to the camp!! This FUNKY lady is really hard to track down as she is a traveling artist. But she took a little time out to make a comeback to doing something strange for change!!! Enjoy Three great new uploads! I’m gonna try to stay on her to keep recording!! Enjoy as she squats, spreads, and hovers to unleash the browns in three great new clips, Her first clips in over a year!!

Mistress Roberta -my Birthday-your Present-pov

Today is my birthday and i prepared a nice surprise for you first i eat alot so i can give you a fat creamy shit, some pee as always, and lick clean my ass after i poop and only after you can eat your present, bon apetit!


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Thick Chocolate Balls Shitting Under Heavy Presses

I had to push quite a bit and moan until the big things were out there 😉