Black Guys Peeing

Mistress Annalise – Disgusting Shit Hd 1920×1080

My toilet is already waiting for me on the floor, just like every day I feel like I’m using his mouth. I tell him to lick my shoes and heels, then he takes off my shoes and sucks my toes. I like when a slave is excited, before I shit in his mouth. I taught him so well that it only excites by smell and taste of my shit. I continue to sit on his face, telling him to lick my asshole. Now, he should try the taste of my disgusting shit whitch I’m about to serve, from the source. He opened his mouth and was ready to absorb the waste. Lastly, I spit in his mouth and smear shit on his face with my feet. He has served me faithfully as a toilet for several years and I encourage his efforts. He is infinitely grateful to me for letting him become my eternal toilet.

Scat Dance P1

Two slaves are waiting on his kneels at Lady Missy and Lady Angie. They want to have breakfast together. The two ladies have brought on something from the bakery. For the two slaves they just shit on a plate and pee in a glass.

Explosion In My Diaper!

I’m supposed to be going out tonight but I’m so constipated! I’ve sat on the toilet at least four times in the last hour and nothing! As the cramps in my tummy get worse, I decide I’m going to sort this problem out myself rather than have it ruin my night. I pull my enema kit out of the cupboard. It’s one of those really big ones and it’s never let me down before. I fill up the bag with warm water and then get down on my hands and knees with my bottom poked up in the air to get the nozzle in. As I push the nozzle up my bum, I can feel how packed with poop it is already! I wriggle it around until I feel the warm water starting to flow inside me. Once the bag is empty I pull the tube out and straight away feel like I’m about to shit my self! I know from experience though, if you can hold these things inside a few minutes, they do a much better job of loosening everything. My tummy begins to cramp. I cross my legs and bend over holding my tummy tightly to try and ease the discomfort. I then pace up and down until I just can’t hold it any more. I get on my hands and knees on the bed and give a push. I wasn’t at all ready for what was about to happen! When I’ve done this at other times, the poops all eventually come out, but more bit by bit as I push. Not this time! It was like an explosion in my diaper! All the soft warm poop just came flying out of me filling my diaper up in seconds!My diaper is hanging heavily between my legs and you can see the brown stain coming through the back all ready. I had thought because of the amount I pooped maybe that was it all – I was wrong!As I’m feeling how full my diaper is, and mushing it all against my bum with my hands, I feel another wave come over me and my body immediately starts to push again. You hear the squishing and squelching as more stinky poop is pushed in to my diaper. At this point I can tell I’m about to start leaking poop every where. I lift my leg up high in the air and you get an awesome view of how much mess this diaper is holding! I grab a towel and lay it on my bed. The movement must have stirred everything up because all of a sudden I’m pooping again!This time poop starts to escape from the waist band of my diaper! I’m so turned on! Not only is my bottom totally covered in this warm mess, but so is my pussy. I sit down on top of the towel and begin to wriggle my butt around, sliding it backwards and forwards, feeling the dirty mess squishing all over. I pull my legs up high and begin to rub against my dripping pussy. In this position you can see how the leg bands of my diaper are absolutely bulging with poop!I need to cum, I need to cum so bad! I thrust my hand down the front of my diaper, and begin to finger myself. I flip over on my hands and knees, and pump my dirty little pussy. I can feel my heavy dirty diaper swinging between my thighs reminding me of what a naughty dirty girl I am. These thoughts push me over the edge and I burst in to a loud and powerful orgasm!