Black Lady Farting

I Shit And Puke In A Ugly Toiletface!

A new Resident (toilet) wanted for Basement Hole! There are people who really do everything to get an apartment. And I take advantage of that. The guy who has applied to me for the apartment is not assuming and because he looks like an ugly Toiletface there is really only one thing for him. To serve as a toilet and trashbag! Everything that actually belongs in a toilet or a trashbag goes in his mouth. Shit, piss, puke, snot, toilet paper.. just everything! The toiletface in the video even swallows his own sperm! In the end I lock him in the basement. There he has his sleeping place under the Toilethole. From now he was used as an Toilet, several times and day by day! He pays every month rent and for every shit an extra disposal fee.

Thick Shit Girl In Shorts And Spreads.

Thick shit girl in shorts and spreads.

Peeing Cappero

168.89 Do you know what is a cappero? No? Perfect, let you see my video with pee and a cappero self-made! From Italy of course!

Bathroom Farting And Pooing

going on the toilet with sounds