Black Ladys Peeing Standing Up

Scat Pigs Unlimited. Part 1

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Goodness Grace’s Feet And Funk!!

Goodness Grace is back with another amazing treat!! This new vegan diet is producing some of the most amazing logs ever seen on Ladies Keeping it Funky!! It’s an ongoing debate who produces the biggest loads – Goodness Grace, Malaysia, or Ms D? Anyways Goodness Grace may have moved back in the lead (for now!!) with her newest clip…She begins by showing off her sexy feet and soles, flexing them in front the camera. She gets so many compliments for her beautiful feet. This 6 foot Amazon then proceeds to squat and unleash another MASSIVE pile!! She started with a couple hard nuggets before proceeding to produce a footlong that is fast becoming her standard!! She wasn’t finished there, as she pushes out a few more chunks before showing off her latest prodigious load!

Teaching My Slave How To Eat My Shit

My slave is a new one. He is not yet trained. So I introduce him slowly. I first smother him under my ass and I control his breathing. His air is under my control. I first introuce him to predigested food by crishing food under my feet and pushing it into his mouth whether he likes it or not. Once he accepts this, I piss on him so he can get a taste of my golden juice. He is being broken in as I do with all my slaves. I smother him more, spreading the food all over his face while controling his breathing. Once this step of my training is complete, I squat over him and push out a nice smooth log of my scat all over his face and into his mouth. He eats some, but not enough so I push more deep into his mouth. To teach him more, I french kiss him while my golden scat connects us both and we both get to taste my sweet scat. He eats more and is turned on by my scatty kisses. I smother him more and give him an handjob for his reward. But I do not let him have an enjoyable orgasm. I am his boss. I will pleasure him but I will also ruin his orgasm! This is a slave in progress! He WILL be trained. ***special discount

Domestic Mistress Bathroom Scat Serving

Here we have a slave and his domestic mistress. The highness, his ruler supreeme and he will do whatever he is ordered to do. On this occasion, he is on the floor in her bathroom before she squats over him and pushes out a sticky shit which only slightly stretches her ass before escaping and being dropped into the slaves mouth and across his face. She smears her shit over her slaves face and smothers him with her dirty ass ordering him to lick as she does so. He can barely breath but he knows better than to disobey his mistress!