Black Male Peeing

Giant Monster Turd

Out this curvy ass I poop out long thick turds in the sink and show you my asshole, big and so good smelling! I show you torrent of my pee. A lot of pee for you. If you love thick long logs, closeups and watching the birth of a turd, this video for you. Get even more shit in your mouth!

Smoking Redd’s Tinkles And Bootyblasts!!!

I love me some Redd!! This sexy lil Mama packs more Explosion than ANY of my models pound for pound!! Good things really do come in small packages!!! Shame on y’all that’s steal Rip Van Winkling her!! Enjoy Three new clips with a nice rearview angle. Enjoy her usual Farty loads. She really saved the best for the Last scene, as her ass was as explosive as ever, and that tight little asshole of hers was prolapsing like crazy!! I have never seen a girls asshole really expand the way Smoking Redd Does!**Please Note clip is actually only 7:50 but final scene repeats itself for some reason**

Nasty Babes Make Peeping Tom Eat Shit! – Part 2

They yank his chain and make him lie down on the floor. They place a plastic funnel on his mouth then pours the bowl of shit on his open mouth!The helpless boy didn’t have a choice but to eat the foul shit on his mouth.

Direct Shitting From The Chair Into The Bowl – Part 1

A chocolate-lover tasted my delicious sausages. I gave it to him directly shitting in the bowl, while the kitchen chair 😉 Look also to Part 2, because the sausage was a little smaller, he got a second for free 😉