Black Piss Rape

Bathroom Incident

Fuck you Steven! Nobody speaks with me like that!Do you know what?! I shit onto your bathroom’s floor and YOU will clean it!

Mistress Roberta -smelly Feet And Breakfast In Saloon

Today i take my slave in the saloon i usually go and order him to smell my dirty, smelly socks and do some face sitting, pee in a plastic cup, shit in his mouth, wipe my ass and shove the paper in his mouth also with all that shit and give him the pee cup telling him to eat all his breakfast, enjoy!

Lisa’s New Slave Welcome

Lady Lisa have a new slave at her disposal, and she start by dragging him into the bathroom. She start to take a shower while he must watch. But this is just to tease. She pulls the slave in the shower cabinet, and she give the slave a “shower” as well. The difference is that it is a golden shower.She make the slave put her shoes on, and start worshiping her shoes. Before he is told to take them of and start massaging her feet. After a massage he is allowed to worship her feet. She put the slave on the ground, and start feeding him with her spit as a goodbye.She also piss in his mouth.

My First Scat Video!!!

Hi guys! I’m Mystress T and I’m new to scat, as a matter of fact this is my first scat clip ever! Don’t you guys feel honored to be the first to watch me get dirty…anyways I start off by shitting in my panties, then I proceed to pull them down just a little so you can see the rest of my poo come out of my pretty little asshole. After pooping a big shit I then start to smear that stinky delicious poop all over my body…I know you wish you could lick my chocolate skin covered in chocolate 😉 Thanks for watching and look out for a whole lot more awesome clips! xoxo