Black Shit White Face

Caviar Games – Extreme Hornyness To Squirting

Today I was once again extremely horny and had the demand with you together to make neat dirty caviar games. First I’m gonna shit something on you, and then I’m gonna rub that on my body. Then I fuck myself still with a thick dildo which had brought my pussy almost to burst. It made me so horny that I just came so extreme with a squirting. That’s what I call pure lust.

Scat Bottling

Miss Jane educates a slave as a shit-eater. He is fully exposed to her, defenseless fixed on the cross she can do with him what she wants. While sitting comfortably on the toilet seat, she plays with his balls. She pisses and shits off, the whole manure floats into his bowl, ready for feeding. Miss Jane slowly shoves a spoonful of shit after another into his mouth, the slave fights cramped against his gag reflex but manages ultimately to choke the manure down. Miss Jane gives no pause, no mercy, even when he vomits she feeds him until the bowl is completely empty. Then he has to clean the floor with his tongue – his own vomit and some of her pee he licks up, before Miss Jane makes her threat ” squeeze off his balls ” come true. With this session Jane enjoyed immensely, as he has struggled with every sip and every bite was very amusing for them.

Introducing Berry C! She’s About To Burst!!

Welcome yet another newcomer to the squad!!! Berry C is a Round the way girl I discovered. This one is special as this lil mama is about to be a lil mama in real life!! Enjoy her Debut clips as she Stars off with a nice shower scene. Then enjoy a quick pee and an up close between the legs dump as she squats over the toilet. Lookout for more hopefully in the future. I say hopefully as this one was a hard recruit! She’s a little shy, but hopefully we can catch a few more preggo dumps from this cutie!!!