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Adelina Frau – Live Toilet

I love to shit in slave mouths! In this video there is a live toilet, which I use for his purpose. It’s eating my shit! I shit him directly in the mouth, stuff everything inside. Nasty smell in his mouth spreads to his nose. He loves it so much. Afterwards I just sit on his face with my big shitty ass. He must swallow all my shit, otherwise he will suffocate …

Peeping Tom Caught In The Act!

Peeing tom, a janitor who works at the school of these cruel and naughty schoolgirls. A schoolgirl came to pee in the toilet and peeping tom watches them secretly as always but today he is caught in the act by a group of schoolgirls. They immediately took him down, started kicking and beating him. Each one of them takes turn taking their stinky panties off and turn to piss on him and get cleaned by his tongue. They tormented him even more when they took their sweaty socks off throwing it at his face to sniff and then their shoes. Leaving him shocked that he is discovered for what he really is, a toilet slave!

First Timer Ebonys Monster Shit 720p

First timer curvy black goddess Ebony takes a monster shit in the toilet boys open waiting mouth. This was a big smelly dump; look forward to seeing more from this first time lady. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Pee, Vomit And Crap For The Toilet

Lady Elaise pees into a big cup and commands our slavetoilet to drink all. After that I shit a pile ointo his mouth. With the chain whip and other cruel toys, we convince him to swallow all. Now Miss Jane shits into his mouth too. Lady Elaisa completes the mess and vomits onto the slave. Now he has enough food from us and it will take some time, until we can use him as a toilet again…