Blackrosse Shit Eating

Naomi Enema Fun

Watch me make a mess on my living room floor spraying shifty water on it. Part I then go in my kitchen and spray some shitty messy water on my wall. Look at the big shit clumps I leave for you

Massive Turd For Our Step-bro!

We just came back from school and there lie our pathetic step bro waiting for our discharge of the day. This we actually look forward to after a hard day at school!

You’re Late!!! Lie There & I Will Show You How Unhappy I Am!

You’re late!!! Again, where the hell have you been??? You have pending work on your desk I dump them all there! Now lie on the floor and I’ll show you how furious I am with you for being late again and again. Here I will show you discipline!!! Your cock is so small its so frustrating to imagine it inside my vagina I wouldnt feel it at all.. Feel my heels on your cock, does it hurt?! well, that’s the idea to HURT you! LICK my pussy lazy pathetic boy.. Do you like it?! ME I dont fucking like it so stop! LIE DOWN little shit… Here sniff that sweaty pantyhose. Lick my pussy and dont stop until I tell you! Oh wait open your mouth and drink my PISS! Now, eat your own cum!

Kv For H. 509 Grams Poop

That had to be quick, come with me so often before 🙂 If et suppressed, then I can no longer keep Thus, legs wide and shit … what I do, as you can see .. and i poop and shit. .. until it became 509 grams including … 🙂 🙂 Close