Blond Shit Catch

Sexy Latina Girl Taste And Play With Scat 5

In part 5 she make pee, drink much water, eat and prepare for big vomit.

Oops! I Shit My Capri’s

Driving home, Erica has to shit so badly! She finally pulls into her garage and runs to the door only to find it locked!!! No one is home so she just explodes in her pants. No one is home to let her in and she has to wait in her shit filled pants until someone comes home to let her in the house.

Dominating Mistress Drenches Slaves With Piss, Puke, And Scat! – Part 3

She reaches inside her mouth and pukes out her lunch! She scatters noodles and rice all over the floor, spraying the disgusting load right on their faces! She grabs their heads and wipes the floor with their faces!