Blond Woman Shitting

Hidden Camera In Toilet!

A sweetheart is desperate to defecate so she rushes into the company bathroom and immediately makes her way to the toilet! Due to her rush, she fails to realize that somebody has installed a camera in it, consequently recording her every move! After she takes off her panties, she squats on top of the toilet and then makes herself defecate! In the process, she would release burst after burst of foul farting! She would also produce a strong stream of piss along with her poop, creating a large mixture of filth!

Pissing In Jeans: Tied, Sack And Noose Around His Neck

The last video of the series pissing in this weekend. This time, tied up with a bag on his head. Noose around my neck did not allow any movement … Obediently, I piss in tight jeans and was exposed horny views of my Lord;)

Thick Fat Shit After Christmas

A mega turd came out of my ass today!!