Blonde Girl Farting And Pooping

155 White Goddess Black Slave

Real shit eating and piss drinking!My black human toilet eating everything I drop in his toilet mouth. I am pissing and farting inside his mouth and make him swallow. He is just a facking toilet and nothing more so don’t be sorry for him!

Look At How He Eats

It is amazing, how many slaves try to resist to eat my shit and in the end do it anyway. This here previously said he could swallow only the shit of Miss Jane. This is of course not, so I shit into his slaves mouth, but the Loser brings it out immediately. We left him in believing, that this is totally ok and he has to swallow only the caviar of Miss Jane. So she pisses and shits into his mouth, but while he strangles her shit down we have had put into his mouth also everything, he previously spat out… *smile*.

Mistress Roberta -diarrhea On The Floor For Breakfast-pov

Today i take my potty chair and i pee first, alot, after i shit spreading my legs to give you a compleete view of my shit comming out of my ass and i poop an soft small shit for you but very smelly and tasty looking and when i finish i give you my ass hole to lick it clean of the soft pieces of shit remained on my ass hole and after i give you your tasty creamy breakfast to eat, enjoy!

Constipated On My Bed!

I’m at home and I feel like I have to poo but when I get on the bed to do a nice show for you guys, the poo just won’t come out! I’m afraid I’m severely constipated!!! I try and try for a few minutes but nothing comes out… :(Not to worry though, I come back the next morning and shit one of my biggest turds this year 🙂 You don’t wanna miss this one!