Blonde Piss Drinkingpiss

Nylon Peeing

Today I wear my hot Nylons for you because I know you like them so much! But I know you will also get crazy seeing me peeing in the nylon tights. Look how my hot juice drops out of the nylon fabric and how it gets completely wet! I bet you’ve never seen anything hot like this! After that you are allowed to suck the wet tights!

Ms D’s 48 Hours Of Funk!

Ms D is back with over 20 minutes of HOT action!! All recorded over a 48 hour period. Seems she ate something that fucked with her stomach at work and she had to take SEVERAL bathroom breaks over the course of the two days. Luckily for us she recorded them all!! Plenty of the Grunts and strains you have grown to love from Ms D and Plenty of plops and farts as well! You can even hear the sounds of other women using the toilet in adjacent stalls. A Great Two day collection from Ms D!! She Starts the action off with an all gas EXPLOSION!!! Looks like it wasn’t ready then. But she returned later that day for two more gassy dumps. The Fun carries over to the second day!! Nobody makes clips as loud and as gassy as Ms D!! If her boss was wondering where she went – She was in the Bathroom Boo-Booin!!!

Shit And Mask

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Horny Shitting In The Kitchen

Please you my boots? But this is not the only thing you will like my video. I let a hard sausage fall on the kitchen floor …. hmmmm … do you want so a sausage? I’ll send it to you like it 😉