Blonde Pooping On Camera

Amys Christmas Turd…

She has a great holiday gift for all of us….

Delicious Poop Of My Wife

Yummy… my wife’s poop is so good!!!

Domestic Slave Encased For Farts, Piss And Scat!

He is a well trained slave and is waiting, willing and ready for his mistresses sweet excrement. The mistress has had lots to eat and has lots of shit to deliver. Her asshole stretches wide as the firm blobs of shit are expelled out of her anus. The hungry slave has to use his hands to pick up pieces of shit so he is able to consume her sweet insides. After she has delivered her full payload onto her first well trained slave, she then moves to her second obedient servant for him to clean her asshole. Maybe next time he will be rewarded with her sweet nectar!

Banana Shit Split

Who wants a summertime treat? When it’s hot outside like it is now, I love to have a sweet treat like a banana split, but with my own special twist! In this video, my sub helps me make a split using a hot serving of chocolate coming right out of my ass! Then we top it off with some whipped cream and some cherries. Who wants one?