Blonde Poops Video

Preparing A Drink For My Slave

My slave likes coke but even more he likes it when it`s mixed with my pee. I allowed him to watch me while I`m preparing a juicy and delicious drink for him.

Piss Madam

Piss Madam nasty piss guys since you ready to drink my golden piss shower and being messy? I am the glamor vintage sluts whore Samantha, and make for you pee, I piss in a dog bowl just for you ….

026.3.2 Turd Direct Wc

026.3.2 This is the WC clip from one of my videos, a very beautiful turd directly in the mouth of one of my 3 slaves i have under my feet. it is the first time for this slave and it is very difficult for him. More difficult because we are not alone but the slaves are three….