Blonde Shit Eater

Giant Shit In The Pants

It was very stunning. I’ll shit in the pants and you can see my slippery smelly shit close up. Oh, it looks very desired. Thereafter my toilet slave come to me and kiss my legs and my shoes. I LOVE to watch him squirm to please me. I do not care if he wants to or not, but he needs to sniff my dirty panties and lick my shit off the floor. When he finished cleaning my shoes with his tongue, I poked his face in the shit. I used it instead of a chair, called him humiliating and insulting words, spit in his mouth and piss on him. This video is intended for every toilet slave’s, who dreams of being a toilet for his Mistress.

How To Be My Shit Eater!

So you losers wonder how it is to be my shit eater? Well take a look aa I tease you all with my perfect ass. As I reveal my beautiful rose where all the good stuff comes from! The stuff you want to eat right?Watch as I shit in the mouth of my loser slave, just lying below me catching the brownies from my ass. I make him eat every piece.. It should be a privilege, and I don’t want a mess, or a stinky bathroom!So now comes the important part for you! Look and even more listen to me as I tell you how to apply to be my shit eater! I have given you a recipe to catch my attention.. Now it is up to your ability to consume and to use my instructions! I make no promises, but I give you a chance!

Francesca Gabriella Happy Hour Public Toilet Farts And Plops!!

Francesca went out again after a hard day’s work. She’s out drinking with the co-workers when she feels that bubble in her gut. She rushes to the bathroom to drop off that and those happy hour wings that have run right through her!! Enjoy the sounds of her piss and ish as it hits the bowl and watch her wipe that delicous BBW redbone ass right in your face! When she puts that ass in front of you – you sure will want to fuck her harder!!