Blonde Shitting With White Pants

Eat My Smelly Shit

Do you want to feel my shit? My slave was punished today and must eat my shit. In the first he licked my beautiful ass. Then when I was tired of his rough tongue, I beginning to shit in his mouth. He pressed his lips to my anal hole so that my shit just beginning to fill his mouth. He did not have time to chew a huge amount of my shit, but I pushed into his mouth all he had to eat today. You’re a loser. Eat My Shit!

Untimely Roadside Diarrhea! Part 2

Their stomachs are hurting real bad now and shit is threatening to burst forth from their ass. One girl clutches her tummy in pain; she needs to shit now or else!

Hershey Rae’s It’s Winking At You!!

Ever since I first laid eyes on that Ass and that tattoo I have dreamed of the days I would get to see what Hershey Rae has been sending me!! Enjoy as Hershey is back with two reverse Kanga Clips. Enjoy as she sits down and unleashes some super gassy farts Before squatting above the bowl to drop a log. In the second enjoy as she releases one long turd as wellÂ…Two great clips of (PLENTY) of Ass, gas and Splash!!