Blonde Skinny Chick Taking Shit

Mistress Roberta – Socks Cleaning, Worship And Feeding Pot -full Video

Today my slave will clean my dirty smelly socks and clean them with his tongue one sock will be in his mouth and one on his cock to stroke with it and after he cleans good my socks he will clean my dirt and sweat from my divine royal feet until i decide is ok and after he will worship my perfect Goddess ass so today my slave is the most happy slave but i send him to bring me the doggy bowl so i can shit in it and feed itself with the fresh hot tasty shit that just came out of my ass, enjoy!

Shit In Different Costumes

Today I dress as Santa and decorate the Christmas tree. But I’d love to shit. I’m making a gift to Santa. I take a bowl and start to shit. I am satisfied with the result. This difference is a gift.My stomach is full of shit. I want to get rid of it. I can not stand it any longer. My toilet is closed. I’ll take the bowl. With my ass and shit, to be a powerful current. I’m fine I’m satisfied with the result.

Scat Fisting And Dildo

Dressed in a garter belt with stockings, I fist my pussy and I make shit, I fuck my shitty ass with a dildo, I search my ass with my fingers and I fart … my dirty ass dripping of shit, my man Comes to fist me, he rummages my ass with his fingers and stick his shitty hand in my mouth ….

Shit-smeared Threesome! – Part 2

They start getting down and dirty after making sure that their hair and bodies are completely covered with each other’s scats. They lick each other’s shit-smeared tits and eat each other’s foul-smelling cunts.