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Flip Flop Heaven

Massive liquid caviar on my flip flopsLeft my ass feeling on fire

Mistress Roberta -face Sitting Farting Leather And Shit

Today my pot will pass trough a series of new things in order to torment him a bit before breakfast so first i decide to take my leather pants on and i start to fart on his face and face sitting but after he grabs air when i pull up my ass from his face i also take a dildo and stick it in his mouth to make it harder for him to breath, after some more farting and ass kissing i pee on his body, shit in his mouth and order him to eat, enjoy!

House In Thalia Part 1

Girl Uses Man

The Toilet Is Out Of Order!!!

I’m really dying for a toilet so I hurried along to the closest one I see and it is OUT OF ORDER!!! I’m farting non stop and my belly is aching really bad I really cant take it anymore I have to?.. Oooopss its out! I shit myself.. My new panties soiled with my own shit. I took it off and then continued shitting on the floor! I just dont care anymore. I’m finally relieved, the only thing now is how the fuck I am going to clean this mess up. I reached out some tissues and clean my ass! With no other tools around to clean up my mess I decided to make a run for it! I hurried along outside hoping no one sees me and leave my mess there. As I get out of the bathroom I see someone else is coming…..!