Blonde Teen Shitting In Garage

Shit Compilation April 2k18 Part1

This is the compilation of april’s shits clips(5)mp4 1080 or wmv version

101 Days Of Shit – Part 1

20+ scat scenes from my#Scatchat compiled for your consummation. My ass letting out endless stream of scat; hard, soft, big, long and golden streams!!!!Over 30 minutes of scat releases at increasingly more appetizing angles and a handful of farts + piss shows. This is what happens in my bathroom on the daily and your mouth is invited.Part 1 of 3; 10 minutes.Add me on Snapchat and Twitter: @MistressOfYou

Ass Sniffing, Farting & Shitting Inside His Nose

I have no background for this. I simply just wanted to punish my slave and make a PG clip appropriate for other sites while he stroked and sniffed my ass while I ripped some evening gas into his lungs. But apparently my ass was like Fuck this guy and decided to fill his nose with shit. I left plenty of the shit in but I did have to stop twice to clean it from his face. Never cleaning my ass, so even when I sat back down, it was like him just laying down and I just took a massive shit and sat on on his nose. After I grew tired of this bitch I completely cut off his oxygen and filled his lungs with fresh ass air while he suffered under me until he came. Well.. Came or b1acked out.. whichever came first..

Matilda’s Insane Shit Madness. Part 1

Hi everyone, here I am, with a Brand New Video.. I had a lack of time with my institute activities, so didn?t have much possibility to shoot myself, so all my scat activity was in loneliness, mostly with myself. But today I have passed through my last exam and decided to celebrate it with a huge shit fireworks and vomit eruption. In this video I shit, squirt, vomit, piss, almost fist my ass, swallow my shit and doing a lot of other nice things.So, Enjoy.Matilda