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Mommy And Daddy Punishes Their Adopted Daughter!

Not being pleased with how their adopted daughter has been acting, this couple decides to punish her! Their method is to make her stand still in a corner for an entire day! Eventually, she starts to feel the need to urinate so the couple places a bowl underneath her and makes her piss where she stands! After which, they decide to make things much worse for her! They thrust a dildo back and forth inside her pussy! Then, they make her suck and deep throat a strap-on toy penis! When they get contented, they put her back on the original location where she earlier stood. Immediately, she proceeds to piss again! After she finishes, her stepfather finger fucks her vagina!

Shit Nightmare For A New Slave. 2 Ladies Shit In His Mouth,! Complete Eating And Brushing Teeth, With Our Shit!

Here a new toilet slave had applied to Contessa Calucci and me. He had never eaten shit and wanted to experience it. Well, he is just right with us. In the open-plan shower, the slave had to lie down under the toilet chair and we spit him first in his mouth. Then Contessa pissed and pooped in his mouth. He choked, but he had to eat the large portion of shit, so that there was room in his mouth for my portion. After he had eaten the shit of Contessa, under pressure. I sat down on the chair and shit a big fucking sausage in his mouth and then pissed on top of it. The slave was completely finished and did not want to eat anymore. But he had to eat my shit, too and under our dominance, he had no other choice .. We also cleaned his teeth with our shit! That was a real shit-nightmare for this new toilet slave!

Horny Monica Yawns & Heap

Monica had erotic dreams! He woke her belly pain. Eva sleepy yawns, go have sex, her pussy hot, heap pressure! Ooohhh is a beautiful big chunk what a relief!!!!

How Many Girls Can One Toilet Slave Take Part 3

We train the Toilet Slave to better Performance by pushing him to his Limits. In Part 3, Britany poops into him and cleans him afterwards with the Toilet Brush. English Subtitles