Blood And Poop Mastrubate

Slave Endures Puke, Piss & Shit Galore! – Full Movie

This brand new slave is set to be sent to a valued client but first he has to be taught the basics of taking it all in. This means he has to bear all the bodily wastes and fluids that will be dumped on him in spades. The mistress makes sure that he gets used to the airtight conditions inside the plastic bag. After conditioning his lungs, she shoves her fingers down her throat and pukes all over his face! After bathing him in sticky food remnants, she squats over him and washes his face and body with her piss!

Shitty Bed Play 1

laying on my back, I enjoy wave after wave of stinky dirty joy as I shove my fingers and dildo deep inside my horny dripping ass.I manage to cum anally multiple times as my creamy ass cum mixed with shit oozes out soaking my hand, yum :p

A Shitty Diaper!

I wore my diaper to work today! It made me so excited knowing it was right there under my little skirt. Every time I moved I could feel it brushing against the insides of my thighs. By the time I got home I was just so desperate to touch myself!I sit down in front of you with my legs up and open and show you my diaper. My pussy is aching to be touched and dripping wet and it sends tingles all over as I rub my hand up and down teasing myself.As I play with myself I begin to feel like I need to pewp. OMG this is so hot. I wanted to fill my diaper with a big mess so bad! So with my legs still open wide in front of you, I begin to push, I can feel it coming! My little diaper is tight and I have to push hard but I manage to get it out.Almost immediately my room fills up with the stinky smell of pewp, but I don’t care, I’m way to excited, I wriggle around on the mess I’ve made in my diaper and carry on masturbating.I can feel my self getting close, and rub harder and faster until I cry out with pleasure as wave after wave floods over me as I cum to an amazing orgasm!