Bloodpis And Shit

Lady M Facesitting And Shit On Plate

Lady M shoot another scat feeding movie today. She enjoy to have her shoes worshipped, beating her slave, slapping him, trampling him, ballbusting him and also face sitting him….She done everything of them today, before she feed him with her shit from a plate. Again a kinky and dirty movie. The perfect Romanian Bizarre Domme !

Caviar Chocolates

Among my high heels certainly sticks a little old piss from the last session, well that’s just a slave here. He can extensively take care of my feet. Kisses on my heels first, then he licks my heels, then the welding directly from my foot. Miss Cherie, meanwhile, pees in a bowl, her yellow juice is sure not discarded, the slave should therefore be thirsty… Then we are positioning the slave skull just below her butt where she shits some hard chocolate into his mouth. The loser has to contend with dry shit, he has maybe bad teeth. I am not a monster, so I piss again in his bowl so that it is not quite as dry to choke the shit down. *smile*

Crapped Very Big Pile Of Shit

So extremely much I rarely crapped,soft sausages and the asshole smeared starkly!!You want to eat the pile of shit?Come lick my rosette clean!!This Clip is a must have for KV Lovers!!Very very lot of shit….

12 Servings Of Chocolate

I got a special request to do a marathon video of a dozen different toilet scenes with no talking or fancy angles, just the nastiest, noisiest, brownest chocolate explosions caught on camera – so here it is! Several different angles from the front, side and back with most of them showing the full view of the chocolate flowing from my big ass, and a few of them focused on my ass or even my tits while you hear everything. There are a couple of scenes where you get to see me wipe and of course lots of peeing and almost every scene has at least one or two nasty wet farts. If you really want to see chocolate from beginning to end, this is the one for you!