Blooper Shitting

Mistress Roberta -foot Fucking And Feeding

Today my greedy bitch is so excited is practically beg in her way for my foot in her ass so i decide to take my lace corset and my dark red pantyhose and my bitch os wearing the ass hole panties to proove she wants her ass used so i go rough on my bitch at the start and i order to kiss my pantyhose feet, soles and going up ahead i move his head upper so i can shove my feet in his mouth and push them in with my toes inside, then the heel, i put the condom on the foot and push it in his mouth deep troat, after i open nice his ass hole with some lube and my hand at first and after with my foot i start to fuck his ass very hard until the condom brokes i order to my slave to lick clean my foot and kiss and smell my ass .After i will pee trough the pantyhose and poop inside the pantyhose, order to my pot to lick it there after i put the shit on his chest and order him to ick clean my ass hole and put the shit in his mouth after he cleans good my ass and spread also on his chest to fill him with shit, enjoy!

Itsumi’s Abstract Art

Only one way to see this masterpiece in it’s full HD glory.


Hot fat ass is sexy farting messy shit and making sexy skidmarks on panties!

George Scene 1

George was curious about how shit smelled, so I helped him out! I gave him a front row seat right in front of me while I took a nice long shit! I let him get down in between my legs so he could get a really good smell and then I let him see the shit covered wipes up close and personal while I cleaned my nasty ass. I don’t think he will be curious about shit again any time soon! LOL