Blow And Pissaction

Dinner Is Served!

Nutzvieh, a fat and disgusting pervert had begged me so send him a special meal… he desperately wanted a big Portion – so I made him one! ;)I am a kind goddess…(CENSORED ELEMENTS ONLY IN TRAILER!)

Hot Morning Female Shit In Jeans

Hot morning female shit in jeans

Turture Scat Bed From The Back Side Part 4 Adison

The Girls have Tifany serve the Slave under their Butts one at the Time let go of all the Poop in his Mouth and Face and Tifany with her Whip makes sure he takes Care of Business and swallows all. The Girls don’t need to loo at this disgusting Mess. English Subtitles

The Trestle

Lady Elaisa and me had some fun with the slave. First we put a funnel in his mouth, Elaisa fills some rests in it, also some of her pee, she pissed in a cup before. I spit in the funnel, but then we started. The slave was fixed at the trestle and got fucked with the strap-on in his ass. Then ass to mouth with the dirty dildo, so he could taste his own shit. Meanwhile we liked to test our whips on the slaves body. But have a look..