Blow And Pissandbeer

Scat Meets Nylon

One of my most zealous toilets is filled with tons of pee and fresh caviar straight from the source. And the horny pig has swallowed everything greedy! With my caviar, however, it required some strict admonitions from my side, so that it chewed the creamy mass nicely and swallowed. I do not shit, so the slave spits out everything again! So chew it and drop it.


Oxana is nasty farting and pooping messy shit!

Schoolgirls Shit On Me And I Love It! – Part 4

To wash off the scat in my taste buds, they take turns sitting above my face to pee in my mouth. I took in all the urine I can swallow to cleanse my mouth off their scat.

Pooping In The Trashcan At Work!

I had to shit again at work and this time I got a brilliant idea! I will shit and piss right into the trashcan used by all employees!!! Yeah, kinky…I know 😉 After doing the doo I didn’t want to leave the evidence in the waste basket so I pick up the poo with my hands and dump it into the toilet and flush…But wait! There’s more!!! I wasn’t quite done pooping so I went back a couple of hours later and sat on the toilet to let out the last turd…2 VIDS IN 1!!!