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Pink Top

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Mistress Roberta -cock Training And Tray Shit Feeding

Today my pot will have a cock training before and while eating his breakfast so i start first with opening wide his mouth with a huge cock and after i fucked well his mouth i pee and shit in one tray and feed him with my shit and after pushing the shit down his troat with the same huge cock i used to fuck his mouth so enjoy the fun this breakfast !

The Foulest Face Mask Ever!

This is not your ordinary spa! He goes in for one of their specialty facials and it’s not the usual seaweed or some other wholesome ingredient that will be used on his skin! What they have is fresh shit, still warm and soft from some pretty attendant’s asshole! She sits over his face and takes a dump on his face, a guarantee that the ingredient is as fresh as they come! Using her gloved hands, the attendant then smears the sticky on his skin! As part of this exotic service, her other hands gives him a hand job so he will enjoy this pampering experience more!

The Guy Pissing In The Vase.

The guy pissing in the vase.